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YesWiki is a software made for creating and managing your website, in a collaborative way.

YesWiki is Free Software under the GPL licence, used for creating and managing an internet or intranet website.
YesWiki is written in PHP language, and is designed to be light, fast and to support extensions.

YesWiki grew out of a French language version of WakkaWiki, Wikini, and hence has strong French language support.

YesWiki allows any web user, online, with any browser, to :

  • create, delete, edit or comment on the pages of a site, with any number of editors or pages.
  • manage access rights to each page (read, write, or comment) for a user or a user group.
  • layout a page content in a very intuitive and visual way, using formatting rules which require no technical skills.
  • publish immediately any creation or modification of a page.
  • analyze and manage the whole site through simple functions : site map, list of users, most recently modified or commented pages, etc.

YesWiki, it's also :

  • a set of templates to suit any site need in term of presentation
  • ability for each part of a site to act as Wiki page : title, header, menus, footer etc. can be easily edited from a browser.
  • a light but strong anti-spam solution.
  • the possibility to embed documents in a page : picture, mp3, video, freemind mind map etc.
  • a plugin manager and numerous extension : user oriented database manager, tags, microblog etc.

YesWiki can be installed in about ten minutes on a server which supports PHP5 and a MySQL database. Once installed, the YesWiki site is working immediately, and can be managed online from a web browser.